Trisha Young-Hinds is the owner of Marina Bar & Restaurant which was founded and established in 2012. Trisha has a varied background in the food & Beverage industry dating back  to 1984 where she owned her first restaurant at the age of 23 in Chicago, Illinois. She has since owned restaurants in London,Germany and Barbados.


Marina Bar & Restaurant was for Trisha a dream that she waited for over 10 years upon emigrating from the UK to Barbados. Since her opening on 1st September 2012, she has taken the restaurant from humble beginnings to a fully operational restaurant, bar and nightclub.


The restaurant caters for all types of people, which include locals and tourists who can have breakfast, lunch and dinner, overlooking the Bridgetown marina. Club Marina, as the nightclub is known, can be rented for events such as birthday parties, fete’s and fund raisers. Trisha by trade is an accountant and keeps her business running on a very strategic budget, but maintains the quality of service that is needed for a successful business.

Meet the service team at Marina

Troy Hinds, who is married to Trisha Young–Hinds, runs the business together with his wife. They are a very powerful team. Troy came up with the idea of aggressive marketing for the business. He is the town crier for Marina Bar & Restaurant. If you want to find Troy on a daily basis he is the young man that stands on the Marina bridge telling you what Marina has to offer.


Troy is a true salesman. The visitors who encounter him for the first time remember him for his politeness and pizzaz, while standing on the bridge and highlighting the value derived from dining at the Marina Bar & Restaurant.  Using his salemeanship which he developed from selling clothes as an independent in Swan Street, Bridgetown,he charms the visitors up the stairs of the Marina.  With his friendly and lovely personality, Troy knows how to keep the customers coming back for more. 

Trisha Hinds

Troy Hinds

Michelle, the administrative assistant at Marina, has a flare for getting things done. This very focused team player, worked for Spago restaurant chain in Holetown, St. James, where she procured stock, conducted general secretarial duties, recorded payments in Quick books and reconciled accounts.


With her vast business experience and know-how, Michelle is an asset to Marina Bar & Restaurant. She is bubbly, trustworthy and very loyal. Her role is very substantive. Hence, her absence would no doubt heavily impact on the busines' operations.


Alexis is the floor manager at Marina Bar & Restaurant and is a true asset. She manages all of the floor staff, bar tenders and bar backs which cover three (3) shifts a day. Alexis' job embodies the wearing of many hats which she carries very well. Although not a certified manager, being with Marina Bar & Restaurant from its inception, coupled with her application to the job, qulaifies her to  perform her role effectively. 


Alexis is a quick learner and has adapted to the English management style which is very stringent and demanding and at times stressful, but like a true soldier, she copes very well. Alexis goes above and beyond her role at Marina Bar & Restaurant, if Trisha is late or has to go out, Alexis manages the establishment as if it is her own business.


What do you say about a person that surprises you? Upon commencing work at Marina some two and a half years ago, Ramona was 'as quiet as a mouse' and had little or no kitchen experience. She is a quick learner, executing her duties with diligence, and circumstances have now enabled us to do just about anything.

Ramona was given the position of second in charge after being with the company for a year, but found her right fit when she was appointed kitchen supervisor earlier this year, impressing management with her astute organisational skills. One only has to say we have an event and Ramona leaps into action, organising her staff and the kitchen with competence and precision. Management is able to function with a high level of confidence, not having to look over her work. Ramona is an asset to Marina Bar and Restaurant and we do hope she remains employed with us as long as we are in existence.